Aka (Shijira)

Aka (Shijira)

Ring sling is a simple carrier with two rings at one end. Once adjusted, you can put your baby in and take your baby out quickly. It is also possible for mommies to breastfeed babies in the ring sling on the go! The ring slings can be used from newborn to 16kg (about 3 years old).
Ring Sling Lite from Hokkyoku Shirokumado is lightly padded at the shoulder. The wide shoulder pad spreads to support the shoulder and the back well, distributing the baby's weight evenly, so that you will be able to wear your baby longer and in greater comfort
The ring sling is 2 meter long, with a width of 80cm.

COLOUR: Aka あか
COMPOSITION: 100% cotton
Weave: Hokkyoku Shirokumado Original Shijira Weave
  • Details

    A calming red colour. The red neither dull like the red bean, nor overly loud like the vivid bright red that shouts loudly; this calming red is a customer favourite. The Aka remains conspicuous in crowded places, such as buses and MRT stations, while gently reminding people around the wearer to be more careful as there is a baby around.



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