Didysling Metro Rainbow [cotton]

Didysling Metro Rainbow [cotton]


Handy and lightweight, a ring sling for quick and easy use. DidySling Metro Rainbow features the geometric pattern in bright, cheerful colours. This colourful version is realized by interweaving a multi-coloured warp with anthracite weft yarns. Woven from pure, organic cotton and dyed with non toxic dyes, it is absolutely free from any harmful substances. With a weight of 260 g/m² it is a good medium weight wrap and a perfect allrounder for all ages and needs. The nature of the yarn and the weave provides optimal diagonal stretch and sturdyness that allow for precise tying and comfortable and secure carrying of a newborn and a heavier baby as well.

How to use: https://www.didymos.com/content/uploads/2016/03/Bindeanleitung_DidySling.pdf

  • Details

    - Material: 100% Organic Cotton (cultivated, harvested and processed according to strict organic standards)
    - Colour: Multi-coloured
    - Fabric density: 260gsm
    - Fabric length: 170-180 cm (size 1). The sling tail has a tapered end and the length is measured along the shorter edge. This length is suited for persons wearing sizes up to L. If you are not sure, please measure the upper part of your body, from one shoulder down to the opposite waist height and back to the shoulder, just the way you will put on the sling. If you measure not more than 140 cm, a size 1 will do.
    - Shoulder style: Gathered.
    - Rings: Aluminium, 87mm.
    - Fabric care: up to 60°C, gentle cycle, slow spin speed.
    - All DidySlings are sewn in small tailor shops in Ludwigsburg. The DIDYMOS wraps are woven in Germany and Austria.