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U s i n g  t h e  H u g g u r i n o

Huggurino is simple carrier for your day to day use. It is made of high quality cotton or cotton/linen blend, providing a comfortable touch to the hand while ensuring the support. It simulate the traditional front-cross-carry with the woven wrap, but easier to manage. 

The backing for the parents is made to provide cushioning to the parents. For more comfort, the mesh-structure of the backing minimizes the sticking of the backing to the parent's back, making it more comfortable even if we sweat after taking a long walk. 

As the seat for the baby is created, there are less concern of positioning the baby while using the carrier. There is less concern of getting the correct size, as this is a free size carrier. It is a light weight and compact carrier, that allows parents to bring it out easily as the main carrier or a back-up carrier, when the baby wants the comfort of carrying instead of staying in the pram. 

Huggurino uses non-stretchable fabric, providing support to carry the baby for a longer period of time. Huggurino is suitable for 2 weeks old to 15 kg. 

Care Instruction:

Place the carrier in a laundry net and wash with the washing machine using 'delicate mode' or 'hand-wash mode'. Hang up to air dry. Do not use dryer. 


Waist belt: 44 cm

Strap Width: 38 cm

Strap length: 180 cm

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