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Furoshiki in Akiakane x Akatan

Furoshiki in Akiakane x Akatan

Nukumori [ぬくもり] 
Noun, meaning: Warmth

Warmth, is meant to be passed from one person to another.

In the Edo Period, farmers at Hamamatsu Shizuoka Prefecture began Hataori
「機織り」as winter set in. Hataori is an intricate fabric production process that connects families in the village. Each family works on a step in the process before passing it on. The village was blessed with warm weather, the perfect condition for cotton making.

In the following Meiji Period, the first power driven weaving machine was created, but it wasn’t until the Showa period that the fabric weaving industry reached its peak and glory.

However, since the beginning of the Heisei period, foreign imports have replaced local production. The EnshuTsumugi fabric made by these local craftsmen, where cotton production originates, has become limited and rare. Regardless, these dedicated craftsmen still treasure the tradition of passing on warmth from one person to another.

Enshu Tsumugi Furoushiki comes with Japanese motif patterns and colors of the 4 seasons. They can be used for draping, wrapping, to give warmth to the user.
  • Details

    Material: Cotton 100%
    Size: 75cm x 77cm (approx)
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