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WaraOnbu Black-Animal

WaraOnbu Black-Animal

$78.00 Regular Price
$46.80Sale Price
'Onbu' means 'piggy back' in Japanese, and wara-ONBU is recommended to be used for back carry only. Wara-ONBU is made according to the traditional onbuhimo, based on the design before Showa 30 year (1955). It has two padded shoulder straps and D-rings at each side of the waist strap. The head rest is removable.  

Suitable for babies with good neck control and can sit upright independently (about 6 months old) up to 15kg (about 3 years old).

Hand wash the headrest separately. The body panel can be machine washed in a laundry net.
  • Details

    Panel Height: 27cm
    Panel Width: 30cm (top); 35cm (bottom)
    Shoulder strap: 160cm x 9cm (Each side)
    Waist (D-ring to D-ring): 70cm
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