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Didy Onbuhimo Zephyr

Didy Onbuhimo Zephyr

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$151.20Sale Price

The Onbuhimo carrier, originating from Japan, is worn up high on the back and is designed for children who can sit unassisted. It looks like a rucksack and can be put on and taken off just as fast and easily - ideal for toddlers who love frequent ups and downs! Moreover, it is light and fits folded in any bag – very convenient when you’re out and about. Without a waist belt and worn on the back, it is also a perfect choice for a pregnant mother who can carry her child without putting pressure on the growing belly.


Made of the same high quality fabric as Didymos baby wraps, the Didy Onbuhimo supports your child‘s back perfectly and holds her/him in a healthy and safe position. Individually adjustable and easy to handle, the Didy Onbuhimo carrier allows for close, stress-free babywearing and a great view for your child high up on their parent’s back. 


DidyGo model Zephyr featuring a colourful and handsomely woven pinwheel design - ready to welcome spring. Of medium weight and woven in 100% organic cotton, the fabric is soft and smooth and has inherent diagonal stretch allowing for the wrap to easily mold to the wearer and baby with optimal comfort while supporting the baby all over evenly.


Features at a glance:
- Headrest/hood has an adjustable height (by drawstring) and can be attached to the loops on the shoulder straps
- Shoulder strap length can be customized to fit different wearers by adjusting the 1) lower shoulder straps and 2) perfect fit adjustor straps
- Wide padded shoulder straps for comfortable and even weight distribution
- Adjustable chest strap, that is fastened by a buckle
- Back panel made from Didymos wrap fabric, with an inherent diagonal stretch to support the child securely from all sides
- Padded leg openings provide optimal comfort for the child
- Fully adjustable seat width (inbuilt drawstring) to fit even the petite-sized toddlers
- Made in Germany and neighbouring countries.
- Tested according to CEN/TR 16512 and ASTM F2236-16a/16CFR 1226.


DidyTip: The Didy Onbuhimo is especially comfortable if you carry your child in an elevated position. This can be achieved by hoisting your child's bottom with one hand and shortening the shoulder straps  with the other hand.

  • Details

    Measurements (approximate):
    - Base of body panel (seat width): 16 to 40 cm
    - Height of body panel (from bottom edge to top of shoulder strap): 34 cm
    - Hood: 26 cm wide x 26 cm tall
    - Length of chest strap: maximum 41 cm
    - Length of shoulder strap padding: 33cm (can be extended to 39cm)


    How to tie:,


    - Material: 100% Organic Cotton (cultivated, harvested and processed according to strict organic standards)
    - Density: 260 gsm
    - Colour: Raw White, Yellow, Red, Turquoise 
    - Care instructions: Close the chest strap buckle. Place in a laundry bag or pillow case. Machine wash on gentle cycle, up to 30°C. Use mild detergent. Slow spin speed, do not tumble dry. 


    Keen to try it out or have any questions about this? Drop us a message. We are certified babywearing educators. Fitting appointments can be arranged, conducted at our home office (Telok Blangah). Each purchase comes with a complimentary fitting session (transport charges apply for house calls). 

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