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Garabou Towel

Garabou Towel

Comfortable cotton free from additives

Garabou is a fabric woven in a unique Garabou cotton spinning machine, or Gara-spinning machine. It was given its name due to the ‘gara-gara’ sound that is made when the machine spins.
It takes time for the Gara-spinning machine to complete its task, to form the unique and uneven yarn that is fluffy and soft. Manufacturers of Garabou are hard to find nowadays.

Garabou’s fluffiness derives from the unevenness of the threads, which provide a pleasant warmth. The mixture of tensions in the threads makes dust removal easy. When using it to take a bath, it cleans the body well and leaves the important layers of oil on the skin behind. It is suitable for baby and sensitive skin.

Garabou originated in the Meiji Era, made from a traditional method that is still applied today. It is a soft fabric which removes dirt effectively. You can use it to wash your face and more. Both ends of the fabric is sewn with EnshuTsumugi, adding to its style. It makes the prefect gift of warmth for yourself or for others.
  • Details

    Material: 100% cotton (Garabou)
    Large  – 80cm x 26cm
    Small – 40cm x 26cm

    Handling Precautions
    Garabou has exceptional water absorbency, about 1.2-1.5 times more than usual towel fabrics. In order to ensure optimal performance, please note the following points:
    Due to the soft twill, the thread may tear under pressure. Please handle with care.
    The natural oil present on the fabric may repel water during its first use. In order to increase its absorbency, wash it in warm soap water for about 20 minutes to remove the oil.

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