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WaraBuckle KakuRainbow

WaraBuckle KakuRainbow

$60.00 Regular Price
$36.00Sale Price
Wara-Buckle is a carrier with a buckled waist strap, and two long shoulder straps. The buckle waist strap can be adjusted easily, while the two long waist strap allows parents of different body built to share the carrier without the hassle of readjusting all the straps. 
The backing of the body panel has a towel like texture (piles) that helps to wick up the sweat from the baby, keeping them comfortable always.

WWara-Buckle can be used from new-born till 15kg (3 years old)*
(The body panel can be cinched if it is too wide).
*Realistically, the width is comfortable for the kid till around the age of 1 years old.

The length of waist belt is 23 - 39 inch.
The length of the shoulder strap is 2 meter.
The body panel is 30cm wide; and the height from the top of the shoulder to the base of the waist belt is 39cm.
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    かくれんぼう(Kakurenbou) which means hide-and-seek like KakuRainbow. The happy polar bear is having fun in among the colours and flowers, just like we all wish to give our children a wonderful and happy childhood.

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