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Kizuna in Orange x Usuhai

Kizuna in Orange x Usuhai

Wrap is a long piece of fabric specially woven to carry baby. It takes a little more learning but wraps provide the flexibility on how you would like to carry your little one.

The Kizuna are soft and light, perfect to snuggle your little one with. The wrap are developed to be very breathable, to keep the baby comfortable in the humid weather.

The wraps can be used from newborn onwards.
  • Details

    Shirokuma Original Jacquard Weave
    100% cotton

    絆 (Kizuna) represents the strong bonds between parents and their child. This soft and breathable woven wrap was created so that parents can bond with their little ones by carrying them snugly.

    Kizuna is the second in the series of Hokkyoku Shirokumado Oringal Jacquard Nijyuori. It is more supportive, providing comfort for parents when they are babywearing their little ones.

    A combination of dark-orange and light-grey. Dark-orange matches well with light coloured clothing, while light grey matches well with darker colour clothing. A versatile woven wrap for every day use.
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