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Seigaiha-ni-Tai in Usumoegi x White

Seigaiha-ni-Tai in Usumoegi x White

Wrap is a long piece of fabric specially woven to carry baby. It takes a little more learning but wraps provide the flexibility on how you would like to carry your little one.

The Seigaiha-ni-Tai is the 5th and latest series of the Jacquard Nijyuori wrap. The tighter weave provides more support, making it more comfortable for the wearer. Many thoughts and planning are put into the detail structure of the weave, keeping it airy and breathable. Th softness of the carrier provides the 'cushiness' to the shoulder, as well as comfort to the baby.

The wraps can be used from newborn onwards.

COLOUR: Seigaiha-ni-Tai Usumoegi x White
COMPOSITION: 100% cotton
GSM: 184g/m2
Weave: Hokkyoku Shirokumado Original Jacquard Nijyuori
Main Features: Soft, Breathable, 'Cushy'
  • Details

    青海波 (Seigaiha) is a traditional Japanese wave pattern. The waves spread far and wide infinitely. This auspicious pattern carries the blessing of everlasting peacefulness, just like the never ending spread of the waves.
    鯛 (Tai) which leads to 「めでたい」 (Medetai), means a happy and joyous moment.
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