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RS Simple Renkon  Grey Keshimurasaki [Jacquard] (pleated shoulder)

RS Simple Renkon Grey Keshimurasaki [Jacquard] (pleated shoulder)


Ring sling is a simple carrier with two rings at one end. Once adjusted, you can put your baby in and take your baby out quickly. It is also possible for mommies to breastfeed babies in the ring sling on the go! The ring slings can be used from newborn to 16kg (about 3 years old).


Simple Ring Sling from Hokkyoku Shirokumado is similar to pleated shoulders. This made the ring sling even more compact, and easier to dry after washing. 
The ring sling is 2 meter long, with a width of 75cm.

COLOUR: Renkon in Grey x KeshiMurasaki 蓮根・グレーxけし紫
COMPOSITION: 100% cotton
GSM: 176g/m2
Weave: Hokkyoku Shirokumado Original Jacquard Nijyuori

  • Information

    レンコン (Renkon) is indispensable in Japan during the New Year and various other celebrations. The holes in the lotus root signifies ‘all the good that is yet to come’. The Lotus roots, despite being individually separated, are connected with countless fibres. Just like how we will always be connected to our little ones even if we may not be physically together.

    Renkon is the third in the series of Hokkyoku Shirkumado’s Original Jacquard Nijyuori. It is more breathable, making it a wonderfully woven piece of wrap for the warm and humid climate of Singapore.

    KeshiMurasaki is an elegant pale purple colour, which may appear pinkish to some. The elegant shde of purple easily matches with other pieces of clothing.

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