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Wrap, Shijira in aka, from

Wrap, Shijira in aka, from

Wrap is a long piece of fabric specially woven to carry baby. It takes a little more learning but wraps provide the flexibility on how you would like to carry your little one.

The Shijira wraps are soft and comfortable, perfect for the fragile newborn. The wraps are also thin and light, suitable for beginners as they are easy to work with and to knot off.

The wraps can be used from newborn to 15kg.


COMPOSITION: 100% cotton
  • Details

    A calming red colour. The red neither dull like the red bean, nor overly loud like the vivid bright red that shouts loudly; this calming red is a customer favourite. The Aka remains conspicuous in crowded places, such as buses and MRT stations, while gently reminding people around the wearer to be more careful as there is a baby around.
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