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Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC)
by WrappingRachel

Front carry is preferred for newborn and FWCC is one of the basic carries that we would recommend for beginners.
When baby becomes heavier, spreading the cross passess to cover baby's back and bum may provide more support for the wearer.

Front Cross Carry (FCC)
by WrappingRachel

FCC is another basic carry that beginners can attempt. This is a 'poppable' carry, meaning that you can take baby out and put baby back in without untying.


Kangaroo Carry
by WrappingRachel

Once you have mastered FWCC and FCC, you can consider trying kangaroo carry. Although it may seem easy, it can be tricky to tighten the wrap snugly. This carry can be done with a shorter wrap. When using a wrap of your base size (typically size 5 or 6), the excess tail can be tied behind your back, or create a reinforcement. 

With permission and credit to WrappingRachel

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