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S h i j i r a  w e a v e

S h i j i r a  w e a v e



Shijira weave is a traditional weaving technique used to create fabric to make summer clothing. At the end of Edo Period, early Meiji Restoration period, a lady by the name Kaifu-Hana, noticed that when the thread wet by rain shrinks after drying up. From there she got her ‘hint’ and developed this unique weaving technique. 


Cloth made from Shijira weave is cooling, and they does not feel sticky, yet wicks the sweat well. It dries fast and easily, allowing you to wash it as often as you want, without worrying the issue of hanging it up to dry. 


Inspired by the traditional experience, Hokkyoku Shirokumado (Shirokuma for short) wanted to develop a wrap comfortable for summer and suitable for babywearing. In order to ensure the strength of the wrap while maintaining the thin and light characteristic of the cloth, threads used to weave the wrap are made up of two finer thread, intertwining with each other. This enhancement also further improve the appearance of the wrap, giving it a shine and lust.

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