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We are a husband and wife team who started this 'hobby' since 2014, and have been greately benefited from babywearing, allowing us to explore many places together with our little ones with ease. We hope to share and continue to let this babywearing practice to benefit others in their daily life. 

Warabee ワラビー is proud to be the sole distributor in Singapore for Hokkyoku Shirokumado. We are also now a authorised retailer for Kol Kol, Didymos, BabyK'tan, Manduca, Ergo, Little Frog.


北極しろくま堂 (Hokkyoku Shirokumado, or Shirokuma for short) is a manufacturer and retailer of babywearing products in Japan. They have been actively promoting and growing the tradition of babywearing in Japan, helping parents to care and carry their children in their daily living.


You can find out more about them from this link:


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